Who We Are

The formation of SureSeal S.A (Pty) Ltd, stemmed from various professionals in the Valve and Pump Industry in South Africa taking an entrepreneurial decision to form a company which can be dynamic and focused on specific products within this growing industry on the African continent.
The result of these individuals being exposed to the ‘Multinational’ way of conducting business, SureSeal’s strategy fills the gaps in this regard and focuses on service and trust encompassing a strong drive toward growing a strong distribution network in educating and assisting in all aspects of customer satisfaction.
Sureseal has secured key distribution agreements with various valve and pump manufacturers in, Japan, The United States, Spain, The United Kingdom, Italy and China. We have selected market leaders in each area of specialization and believe a multi-brand strategy will fulfill our customer requirements in providing the ‘Best in Class’ products.
The engagement of such partners positions SureSeal in a unique position in the South African and African marketplace enabling us to provide the best solution providing the best products for specific applications.
SureSeal S.A (Pty) Ltd was established on 30 April 2003 as a focused Pump and Valve Supplier based in South Africa, servicing South Africa and various countries on the African continent.
SureSeal SA (Pty) Ltd. employs a number of industry professionals, located in Gauteng. The key to our success lies in the appointment of a distribution network throughout South Africa and Africa; we owe much of our success to the capability, experience and dedication of our partners who have made quality and innovation the cornerstone of SureSeal since its inception.

SureSeal is a specialised supplier and importer and offers an advanced line of highly competitive products.
Our valves, pumps and related product and service range are supplied for a broad range of applications in the power generation, chemical and petrochemical, oil and gas, pulp and paper, mining, cryogenic, ship-building, water, wastewater, sewage and various industrial applications. We concentrate on one business - the distribution, marketing and servicing of advanced technology pumps and valves in a broad range of types and sizes.SureSeal bases its business on a range of services which it has pioneered and developed itself, and which are backed by extensive quality management system and customer service. In this it is supported by the Company's ethos of engineering excellence and great attention to customer's needs.The principal activities of SureSeal include acting as agent for a number of international manufacturing companies in the sales and marketing of a varied product range. Such products generally compliment those available through SureSeal, an extensive range of valves are kept in stock for short delivery.