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Sureseal SA (Pty) Ltd provides a complete range of valves suitable for media ranging from steam, water, oil gas, slurry, chemicals acids and other corrosive and non-corrosive fluids, across all temperature ranges and pressures parameters. Our valve range is applicable, but not limited, to Industrial, Process, Mining, Waterworks, Sewage and Petrochemical Industries and applications.
 SureSeal has the expertise, experience and knowledge to recommend, specify, supply and deliver the valves suitable to our client requirements.


Sureseal SA (Pty) Ltd is your partner for economic pump solutions - aligning itself with dynamic manufacturing, reconditioning
and engineering companies to extend its product offering to the market. Sureseal SA (Pty) Ltd represents a range of quality
products for the mining, industrial , chemical , municipal and agricultural pump markets, offering reliable, quality, pumping


Sureseal SA (Pty) Ltd have sole representation In Africa for KENCO, UNP and Red Valves range of
instrumentation products for various industries, including oil and gas, petrochemical, power, pulp
and paper, water, waste treatment and MininG.
This range includes:
Level gauges, Sight Glasses, Ultrasonic Level Indicators , Gauging Equipment as well as Red Valves range of Slurry Pressure Sensor equipment.


Using Tideflow backflow prevention technology, SureSeal offers various solutions for Aeration,
Mixing and Diffusing SystemS:
 - Fine Bubble Aeration and Mixing Systems
 - Coarse Bubble Aeration and Mixing Systems
 - Fine and Coarse Bubble Aeration and Mixing Systems
 - Water Reservoir Mixing Systems
 - Sludge Mixing Systems
 - Effluent Discharge Systems